On-Site Support Boosts Joint Emergency Preparedness and Medical Training

CHALLENGE: Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute (DMRTI) needed to provide comprehensive education and training support for a variety of conference-style courses in the priority subject areas of homeland security; defense, chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE); emergency management; and medical training. The broad spectrum of support that Vertex Solutions Group (VSG) provided included comprehensive needs analyses; course and curricular designs and redesigns based on evolving USG and international requirements; instructor-led training (ILT) courseware development; scheduled and adhoc revisions; course content evaluation and validation; subject matter expertise; project management; administrative support; and development of student resources, such as handbooks, slide sets, training aids, exercise scenarios, and activities.

SOLUTION: Spanning a period of five years, the VSG-DMRTI partnership has accomplished the following: 
  • Designed and developed three Medical Stability Operations (MSO) curricula; fulfilled training needs of military health system executives, Provincial Reconstruction Teams, and Medical Embedded Training Teams.
  • Completed in-depth content analysis of and redesigned the Joint Operations Medical Managers Course (JOMMC); utilized new Joint publication guidance and highly effective and innovative training activities. 
  • Collaborated with subject matter experts to design and develop the Public Health Emergency Management Course; effectively met the needs of installation Public Health Officers and Medical Emergency Managers.
  • Provided expert on-site administrative support, instruction, and scenario facilitation for the full spectrum of exportable Incident Command System Courses, JOMMC, and MSO;  fulfilled DoD-wide training needs.
  • Participated on international design team for the Mobile Learning Environment Proof of Concept project; utilized MSO concepts to validate effectiveness of mobile device training for 22 coalition partners.
RESULT: VSG’s comprehensive on-site support for improvement in DMRTI’s programs resulted in effectively training more than 100,000 students to fulfill DoD mandates as well as Service and Combatant Command requirements. With both new and updated course offerings, military medical department professionals as well as civilians are able to attain current and relevant information.