Immersive Learning

Do you need to train your learners in a more mission-realistic way without increasing your training costs? Do your learners need more frequent hands-on, real-world training opportunities, even practice immediately before task performance? Do you need a realistic training environment that allows students to practice high-risk tasks without high-risk consequences?

Vertex Solutions Group (VSG) understands how people learn, retain, and apply knowledge. Our Immersive Learning solutions incorporate advanced computer gaming technologies and design strategies to create highly engaging learning environments where learners can practice their skills to improve their performance. Adapted from the proven Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE) model, the VSG development model for immersive learning ensures that learning is built in from the start. VSG’s long history of instructional design and solution development guides our processes to deliver state of the art immersive learning solutions. Our immersive learning team comprises seasoned project managers, instructional designers, software developers, game and graphic artists, interface designers, game designers, content writers, and quality assurance specialists. 
Our solutions are built around our clients’ vision and mission objectives. We offer four different types of Immersive Learning solutions:
  • Shared Reality is a Web-based, high-fidelity simulated learning environment that accommodates large-scale exercises so learners can interact with instructors and other learners to improve real-time decision-making skills. Shared Reality improves long-term retention and performance through experiential learning. 
  • 3D Modeling & Simulation learning is a blended solution that combines 3D modeling and simulation assemblies with live training aids to present material to learners while they replicate job performance in an immersive environment. Through discovery, repetition, and assessment, learners reinforce knowledge and demonstrate good habits so they can perform more effectively in the field. 
  • Serious Games provide engaging virtual-reality environments where learners can actively acquire and apply competencies through real-time decision making. Serious gaming improves long-term retention and performance through active learning and evaluative feedback. 
  • GameWare™ combines serious gaming technology with courseware to tie learning objectives to authentic performance tasks with realistic outcomes. Media elements are reused between the gaming pieces and courseware segment, significantly reducing cost. GameWare improves long-term retention and performance through hands-on practice in a lifelike environment. 
Our innovation makes our Immersive Learning solutions more affordable than ever. We have built an extensible programming framework, the VSG Game Framework (AGF), which allows for rapid creation of new learning scenarios through the utilization of existing code. Our Gameware methodology blends Web-based courseware with simulations of authentic performance tasks at a fraction of the cost of a fully immersive solution. We also incorporate evolving but proven commercial technologies that drive down costs.
Immersive learning:
  • Provides learning in a realistic environment.
  • Enables learners to practice high-risk, potentially catastrophic, scenarios that are difficult to simulate with live training.
  • Supports the application of knowledge and skills.
  • Provides real-time feedback.
  • Allows learners to practice and improve their decision-making skills.
  • Improves business acumen and helps employees think at strategic and systematic levels.