Cybersecurity Prepared and Responsive End User Program (CyberPREP)

According to most cybersecurity experts, end user mistakes are the #1 cause of data breaches.

Organizations must shift their focus from a singular reliance on cybersecurity experts and inoculation of the Industrial Control System (ICS) to also include a truly prepared end user population. Vertex Solutions Group (VSG) has exclusively partnered with ThreatSim to provide the federal government the most effective and engaging end user training today on the market: CyberPREP!

CyberPREP’s valuable benefits include:

  • Assessing your organization’s end user cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Providing analysis of the needed areas of cybersecurity training
  • Decreasing the success rates of actual cyber attacks
  • Reinforcing end user cybersecurity awareness, knowledge, and preparedness

VSG’s innovative CyberPREP transforms traditional cybersecurity training into a preemptive end user diagnostic, adaptive, and predictive preparedness model.

Our CyberPREP Approach

Conduct a kickoff meeting
We determine your organizational cybersecurity needs and tailor a plan for your end user training.

Launch end user mock cyber phishing attacks
Ongoing mock cyber phishing attacks are sent out at monthly intervals to end users using ThreatSim’s cybersecurity assessment tool via e-mail. Direct phone calls are made to end users to measure security of personal and network information.

Provide end users targeted remedial cybersecurity training
End users who fall victim are immediately directed to targeted Web-based teachable moments that address how to avoid attacks in the future. Below is a list of our remedial training modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Cyber Security
  • Module 2: Vulnerabilities
  • Module 3: Hacking
  • Module 4: Introduction to E-mail Threats
  • Module 5: Phishing
  • Module 6: Malicious Activity
  • Module 7: Social Engineering
  • Module 8: Social Engineering Approaches

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Monitor and measure responsiveness
Performance reports are generated to inform the next round of mock attacks; identify the organization’s risk level; and build better organizational technology, policy, and procedure safeguards.

Produce end user “game tracking” Web portal
The portal will allow end users to track their total scores, view their rankings in the organization, and access their custom remedial training modules.

Host an annual cybersecurity training event
The event recognizes high-scoring employees, reviews organizational vulnerabilities, highlights precautions, and identifies consequences of attacks.

Our CyberPREP solution reduces your organization's risk to successful cyber attacks targeted at employees. Strengthen your organization today and turn your employees into a human firewall!