Vertex Solutions Group Develops Immersive Learning Solution To Teach U.S Culture To International Students

FALLS CHURCH, Va. – Vertex Solutions Group Government Group, an organizational performance optimization company, announced today it was awarded a contract and completed implementation of a computer-based, immersive learning solution to teach U.S. cultural norms to foreign military personnel studying at the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC) at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

The solution, called VALIDATE (Voice-Activated Learning in Direct-Applied Training & Education), is an interactive 3D game that creates U.S. cultural awareness and embeds language practice. VALIDATE features culturally smart avatars that require voice-activated responses as students work their way through 12 customized scenarios in a virtual world mirroring everyday locations and interactions.

The course goal is to expose foreign personnel to culturally specific behaviors encountered in the normal course of a day in the U.S. and to require verbal responses to practice speaking English. Students will experience what’s considered an appropriate response so they learn how to be more effective in their daily operations.

Each scenario requires students to interact with avatars and master an aspect of American or U.S. military culture. Examples include no smoking in public areas, engaging in small talk with others, effective negotiating, recognizing proper U.S. military protocol, and identifying culturally inappropriate questions, such as how old a person is or how much money a person makes. The avatars also speak in various regional accents that students must recognize and speak answers to using grammatically correct responses. VALIDATE is the first immersive learning endeavor for DLIELC, a Department of Defense agency founded in 1954 that trains up to 3,300 students a year from 116 different countries.

“Vertex Solutions Group has delivered a superb product that brings our vision of a culture-based game with embedded language practice to a reality,” said DLIELC Chief of Innovation and Institutional Development Sally Carter. The school’s commandant, Col. Howard Jones, added, “Students have enthusiastically embraced the new learning technology. Avatar technology will play a unique role in our highly cross-culture environment.”

The project also stretched the innovative talents of Vertex Solutions Group, an industry leader in developing and delivering learning solutions for government clients for more than 15 years. VALIDATE gave Vertex Solutions Group the opportunity to deliver its most customized immersive learning solution to date with multiple branching levels and the use of voice-recognition software.

 “Vertex Solutions Group believes immersive learning solutions are better suited to change the way learners think and how they behave than traditional learning modalities,” said Jeff Kidwell, Vertex Solutions Group Government Group president.  “We are excited to support the U.S. Air Force and DLIELC by creating this leading-edge immersive learning solution.”
About Vertex Solutions Group Government Group
Vertex Solutions Group Government Group, ( headquartered in Falls Church, Va., is an industry leader in developing and delivering learning and human performance solutions and has served defense, civilian and homeland security agencies for the past 15 years. Whether leveraging mobile learning or designing for multigenerational audiences, Vertex Solutions Group Government Group has developed award-winning programs to meet a variety of dynamic client needs. Vertex Solutions Group Government Group provides management consulting services, performance technologies, and learning and development solutions.

About Defense Language Institute English Language Center
DLIELC is a Department of Defense agency responsible for training international military and civilian personnel to speak and teach English. Founded in 1954, DLIELC trains non-native English speakers with language and cross-cultural skills to build partnerships and aid in security cooperation around the globe. All international students who attend DLIELC are  selected by their respective defense ministries and then are issued formal invitations by the U.S. DoD sponsoring service, such as the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy.